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Kitchen Remodeling Fresno

Have you had some inspiration leading you to want to call Kitchen Remodeling Fresno? Have you been searching non-stop for “kitchen contractors near me”? You have found the best kitchen remodeling contractor Fresno CA.

We help make your kitchen upgrade a breeze. We help in choosing the materials you will love for both the look and the pocketbook. We do kitchen installation for every design you choose.

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All About Us

There are many reasons you may be here looking into “kitchen remodel near me”. You may have a small kitchen that does not have a good layout or use of space. You may not like the colors and style of your current kitchen.

We do small kitchen designs so that you have a kitchen that no longer seems small. We do our work to make the best use of the space you have. We do whatever type of kitchen design you need to get the color and style of the kitchen you love.

Our goal is for you to not only be happy with the outcome of the kitchen remodeling that we do. We want you to also be happy with the service that we provided you. The “remodeling contractors near me” you found on here do a wonderful job meeting your needs.

We are not your typical construction workers. We are reliable, friendly, and on time. We get the job done and completely finished on time.

Doing a kitchen renovation Fresno is our passion.

We love to take something old and see the beauty that comes from the work that we do. There is nothing better in our day then seeing our clients’ faces light up as they see their finished Fresno kitchen.

Why Choose Fresno Kitchen Remodeling?

We have gained relationships with our clients as we do work within their homes. We are friendly and honest about your kitchen design Fresno. We want what will work best for you.

We know that everyone has a different idea of a perfect kitchen. We also know that everyone has a different budget. We give you advice that will benefit you and we work within your budget.

We make the home feel and look how you want it as it is the most important place for a family. A home is a place of goal making, dream building, and memory-making. We create a kitchen you will cherish forever.

What has our many years of experience taught us?

  • We have been up on the newest design trends
  • We know what materials hold up well over many years
  • We know what it will take to get what you want
  • We know prices and do the best at giving realistic quotes
  • Quality work and professionalism is of most importance

We know exactly what we are doing when it comes to custom kitchens Fresno. We have the knowledge and experience that makes us experts.

We are at the forefront of other kitchen remodeling companies. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Come and experience the satisfaction of what a kitchen remodeling Fresno CA can do for you. Call us today!

What to Expect?

The process we do at Kitchen Remodeling Fresno is one that is simple. We keep the process easy for our clients. We want it to be a fun experience for everyone involved.

Once you give us a call or fill out the form here we will find a time that works for us to come out and see your current kitchen. We will get a vision of the ideas you have in mind. We gain an understanding of what you would like done in your kitchen.

We will take measurements and discuss the reality of what is possible in your kitchen space. We will walk you through different material ideas options. We have thousands of materials available through different suppliers. You may not be aware of these options. When we know what style you love we will show you some options. You may love one of these options even more than what you may have already found.

Your bid will have exact numbers for what your kitchen remodel cost will be. Our clients have loved working with Kitchen Remodeling Fresno because we are very honest with the cost of materials and time the job will take.

No matter the taste of style you have we will cater to your needs and desires. We will make the kitchen one that you will love forever.

Find Your Kitchen Design With Our Services

Fresno Kitchen Remodeling offers services that cover everything you need in a kitchen. Your floors will be fresh and new with years of life. You will have the lighting upgrade you need to see everything very clear.

Doing dishes and cooking will take on a new meaning once you have a new sink and faucet. The cabinets, countertops, and backsplash will transform your kitchen. It will make it completely gorgeous.


Kitchen Countertops

There are endless options when it comes to countertops. Do not let that overwhelm you. We can install them all and will help guide you to one that will fit your needs and wants.

You will first want to assess your budget as that can narrow down many of your choices. Granite may be more expensive but will hold up very well to heat and scratches.

It helps to up the value of your house, and will last for many years. Another thing to consider is to get rounded corners on your countertops.

This will help to avoid chipping depending on what type of material you decide on.


Kitchen Cabinets

You have many options when it comes to your cabinets. You can resurface them or replace them completely.

It will get a lot more costly to completely replace them. But with that comes a custom flawless fit.

If that is not within your budget, we can reface your current cabinets for much less of the cost. They will still look amazing with much less waste.


Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is very important to invest in. We recommend getting flooring that is waterproof.

Being in the kitchen this flooring is going to get so much traffic and wear and tear. We tend to steer away from wood flooring in the kitchen.

This is because it does not handle as well with getting wet and the wear and tear.

If you are opening your kitchen up into another room that has wood flooring we then understand the need for it in that case.

Otherwise, we recommend other types of flooring.


Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

If you know what style of kitchen you are going for this should be one of the most simple designs to decide on in your kitchen.

You will want to find a sink and faucet that are functional for what you need to use them for. If you wash large dishes often it would be wise to get a faucet that is tall.

This way you can fit any dish, pan, etc underneath it in an easy way. There are sinks that are double or single to decide from as well.


Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash for your kitchen remodel is one of the most fun parts of the remodel to pick out. It makes the space.

There are colorful backsplash or neutral and simple backsplash. You will determine the focal point of your kitchen by the backsplash you choose.

If you have a small kitchen, you can count on having more backsplash. This will create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

There are so many ways we can install your type of backsplash. We can install it in different directions to create many different looks.


Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting will set the mood for everything at this focal point of your home.

Lighting can also have the power to make a small kitchen appear larger. We can install under cabinet lighting which works to set a great relaxing tone in the kitchen.

Pendant lights make for a wonderful statement piece in your kitchen. They also add a great source of lighting.

About Fresno

Fresno has Ash trees that are all around the river. The city has grown a ton throughout the years. Fresno is a city near the middle of California with a population of 531,000.

The summers we experience here tend to be long, hot, and dry. The winters are mild and moist. It is rare that we get snow here in Fresno.

We have an extreme mixture of races here in Fresno. The diversity is amazing. We have many military units here. Our medical centers are our top employers here in Fresno. The cities that surround us and are great areas to also visit are:

  • Clovis, CA
  • Madera, CA
  • Sanger, CA
  • Kerman, CA
  • Fowler, CA
  • Del Rey, CA
  • Prather, CA
  • Biola, CA
  • Friant, CA
  • And many more areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a kitchen renovation cost?

Your average cost for kitchen renovations runs from $12,000-$21,000. The prices range a lot depending on the size of the kitchen you are remodeling. It also depends on a lot of the remodels that you make. If you completely upgrade everything or if you only choose to upgrade a few things. You will see a great difference in price as you discuss different materials.

Will kitchen remodeling contractors have kitchen remodeling ideas?

Yes. Kitchen contractors do this for a living and have seen thousands of houses. They have a great eye for what will go together and what will not. It is wise to take their advice into consideration when you are wanting ideas.

How can I prepare for my kitchen renovation?

The three main important things to prepare for are the colors, the layout idea, and the style you would like to have. A modern kitchen and a farmhouse style kitchen are going to have very different features. You want to know these things before starting. Our kitchen designers Fresno can help you pick out and put these things together.

What would be a good idea to invest most of the cost into?

There are many things in a kitchen that can be expensive. The cabinets tend to be some of the most expensive items in the kitchen if you are wanting to have very nice ones. You will tell a difference from very nice cabinets to mediocre cabinets. Flooring and countertops are two more ones that are expensive. You will want to be sure to consider upgrading these two options. They are two key components that up the value of your house.

Customer Testimonials

I went back and forth on getting cheaper materials or the more expensive ones. I went with the more expensive materials and am so glad I did. The quality is so much better, I am very happy with how they turned out!

Tucker R.

My remodeling contractor was an amazing help. He helped me pick out colors and I am so glad. He has a great eye for what goes well together. It turnout out beautiful!

Haylee P.

I am thrilled with how my kitchen turned out! Everything is perfect. The materials they used were quality and I love how they look and feel.

Jessica T.

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Kitchen Remodeling Fresno

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